At Guvera, we believe that music is life. Through every stage of it, music guides us, teaches us, lifts us up and offers us hope. Music matters, and because of this we have been dedicated – from the very beginning – to ensuring that the artists behind this music are rightfully paid for their work.

We're also committed to giving people music the way they want it – legally and for free.

Much more than simply a music streaming service though, Guvera is a world-leader in branded music and entertainment. We offer our members an immersive entertainment experience – one they can't find anywhere else.


Guvera is the future of music and entertainment. Our platform has been transformed to allow listeners to be immersed in the music they love and to interact with the brands they care about.

Our listeners can discover more of the music they love via our ‘music channels’, which are based on genres and moods.

Guvera will continue revolutionising the music and entertainment industry to ensure there's a future that encourages artists to create and audiences to listen. A genuine respect for creativity and enjoyment is the foundation upon which Guvera is built. We are made by music.

Making it count:

More than 30 million tracks licensed globally.

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